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Southerly Point Co-operative Multi Academy Trust

Our school is one of the family of schools who together are Southerly Point Co-operative Multi-Academy Trust. We genuinely support each other and work closely together to achieve our aim of 'enabling excellence for all': our children, our staff and our communities. This is the expectation of all of those who work with us, whether in the classroom or in the essential support roles behind the scenes. Our work is underpinned by the co-operative values and these inform everything we do.

There are many opportunities for everyone's learning experiences to be enhanced, from the youngest child in the Trust's nursery provision through to the students in our Post 16 provision. The staff learn together too, sharing ideas and resources for the benefit our children.

We hope you will enjoy finding out more about our schools – each one them is unique and has its own character – but all of them are caring, friendly and nurturing – and we commend them to you.

If you would like to find out more about the Trust and how it is governed, please follow the link to:

Donna Bryant  CEO


Please use the links below to take you to the latest information on the Southerly Point Co-operative Multi Academy Trust.

Southerly Point Co-operative Academy Trust - Articles of Association

Southerly Point Scheme of Delegated Authority


The Southerly Point Co-operative Multi-Academy Trust Accounts 2017 can be found on the Trust website, which can be accessed via the link below:

Please click on the Governance page and select 'documents' on the dropdown menu to view the accounts and other key documentation. Thank you.


The MAT office is located on the South Site of Helston Community College, Church Hill, Helston and can be contacted through the main College reception on 01326 572685.

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