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Post 16 Life

The transition from GCSE to A-Levels is often thought to be more challenging than the transition from A-Levels to University.  Our aim is to help the students build a bridge from GCSE to A-Level work.  As well as work, we like to keep the students engaged with various activities, clubs and challenges.  A busy person is often a happy person and happy people are generally more successful.

Throughout the year the tutor groups engage in a series of competitions and challenges.  These take part during tutor time and lunch time and are designed to bring the students together in the spirit of competition.  This year we took part in tug – o – war, pool tournament, and a few building the tallest tower challenges, one out of paper and one out of spaghetti and jelly babies.

Every Friday during lunch, the sixth form students are able to engage in some friendly team sport competitions on the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA.)  We have had tournaments in football, hockey, handball.  The teachers enter a team but the students always seem to win.

There are numerous school trips that sixth form students take part in.  There is a skiing trip every year.  The Geography and History departments run trips abroad.  The Art Faculty runs a myriad of trips in and around England.  The music and PE departments attend numerous outings and tournaments.

Being such a large sixth form means the students can choose from a wide variety of clubs, activities, trips and competitions.  There is something on offer for everyone and we encourage all students to become involved in our College Life.