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Post 16 students go to court!

30th April 2018

Our A Level Law Students undertook a Bar Trials (National Competition) Mock Trial as part of the Law Advocacy Skills Conference which is being held Nationally on Wednesday 25th April. Students experienced a number of advocacy masterclasses, delivered by legal professionals and the opportunity to put their advocacy skills to practice.

Students learnt about the procedures which govern our legal system and gained in-depth knowledge about a specific area of criminal law. The sessions included opening and closing speeches, examination in chief and cross-examination and best practice for delivering advocacy.

The feedback our students received from the Barristers & Judge was exemplary, they were very impressed with our students delivery, understanding and knowledge. They conducted themselves in a very professional manner and were advised that they will all do very well within the legal profession. The students were then invited at the end of the day to ask them any questions, which included do they remember what their first case was; what was their most horrific case and their most interesting cases and why.

They had a great day and thoroughly enjoyed it along with saying afterwards how valuable this experience was for them.