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Careers Education

Careers guidance is an essential part of your education at Helston Community College helping you to work towards securing a fulfilling job as an adult.  Careers guidance whilst at school will include a broad range of activities aimed at equipping you with the knowledge to make informed choices about your future education, training and employment.
Careers guidance will form an integral part of the tutorial and PSHE curriculum but is also found in every subject area.  In addition, special events will provide you with key information in each school year.  

The College will assess the impact of its careers program on students by completing an annual student survey and analysing destinations data, in line with activities that they have taken part in at school. In addition, the views of the students, employers and parents are surveyed after keys events e.g. Year 9 Options Evening, Year 11 PTC and Post 16 Work Experience.

The Careers Education programme at Helston Community College includes: 
Year 7: Who’s Who in School?  A programme to introduce students to the key members of staff and the jobs that they do. Dream Big Assembly Programme – a chance for students to learn about a range of jobs and careers.

Year 8: I Love my Job programme. An introduction to the Careers Web programme.

Year 9: Options support programme and small group interview with the careers adviser. CV writing and application workshops.

Year 10: County Careers Fair.Workplace based learning event. Small group interview with the Careers Adviser (summer term).Mock Interview programme with local employers.
Year 11: Support with the Post 16 options process and option for further interview with the careers adviser.
Year 12: A programme of activities to support research for university courses. A week long work experience programme. Opportunity for 1:1 interview with the careers adviser.
Year 13: Support with progression pathways. Apprenticeship Exposition in January with local providers of apprenticeships. Opportunity for 1:1 interview with the careers adviser.

Further information regarding the careers programme at College can be obtained by contacting Mrs Penny Laban, Careers Leader, by email plaban@helston.cornwall.sch.uk or through the main College switchboard.
The effectiveness of the careers education provided will be measured through regular student voice and analysis of student destination data. 
The careers programme will be reviewed and updated annually to reflect the needs of the students.
Helston Community College believes that encounters with employers and employees help inspire and inform students. Activities such as the ‘I Love My Job’ event for Year 8 and speed networking for older year groups, where volunteers talk about their job role to groups of students, are organised to ensure that students have at least one meaningful encounter with an employer/employee each school year. In reality, students have more than this, as organised whole year and targeted events are complemented by subject teachers organising visits and inviting business volunteers into their lessons.

Employers can also play an important role in supporting students develop employability skills through activities such as CV writing workshops and mock interviews. In addition, the college is always looking for new work experience and work shadowing opportunities for Post 16 students.

If you would like to support the college by getting involved in any of the activities mentioned above, please get in contact with Penny Laban via email: