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Cornish Christmas Box Appeal

What is this all about?
We are inviting tutor groups to create a Christmas Box this season. Each box will contain enough food for Christmas dinner with all the extra little goodies, treats like mince pies and biscuits which all go to make up a feast for a family in need. The boxes are given out by Cornwall Council’s teams working with vulnerable and impoverished families, the poorest in Cornwall, and we can really make a difference to their lives.
You can add other Christmas treats to your box.
There is more detail on the presentation linked to this page.
So how can I help?
1 box per tutor group – or more! Decide who is going to buy each item. Buy your item(s) – make sure it will still be in date by Christmas!
 DO NOT include: alcohol, cigarettes, vouchers or perishable food.Wrap your cardboard box in Christmas paper. Please ensure we are able to close and seal the box.
Deadline: Pass to Miss Hawkey in C30 by Friday 7th December.
Hopefully with a few boxes we can bring a little sparkle to some families this Christmas.