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New Senior Prefect Team Announced!

19th July 2018

The Head Boy/Head Girl interviews were an incredible challenge this year – the quality of the students was impressive. On Tuesday, we interviewed eleven girls (Kira, Thea, Catherine, Poppy, Scarlett, Ruby, Charlotte, May, Kerensa, Maia and Isabella) and seven boys (William, Luca, Oliver, James, Joe, Barney and Jamie) - they were an inspirational group of students who really encapsulated the co-operative values, and they should be proud of their accomplishments. 

The College is delighted to let you know that Catherine Kitto was appointed as Head Girl, with Charlotte Luke as Deputy Head Girl. Jamie Robertson was appointed as Head Boy, with James Houston as Deputy Head Boy. All the other students were appointed as Senior Prefects, and they will make a significant contribution to the ethos and character of College.