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Post 16 Ambassadors in the Community

1st October 2017

Just before half term, the Parkinson's group in Helston approached the College to see if some of our Post 16 Ambassadors could attend their monthly meeting to give a talk on their interests or hobbies. The Parkinson's group are mostly elderly and are at different stages of the condition. Several of our Post 16 Ambassadors, Gracie, Nick, Aaron, Casper and Phoebe were keen to help out. They went down to the cattle market in Helston during their lunchtime; each of them performed a small musical piece and gave a short precis on their passion for music.

The feedback that we received from the coordinator was just wonderful. She complimented our students and said that giving up their lunchtime to entertain them was commendable. She also said that the students were confident, articulate and was amazed at their maturity.

We would like to thank our Post 16 Ambassadors for all the work they do in the College and increasingly, in the community as well.