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Post 16 students SKYPE the Supreme Court

10th May 2018

Last week, the UK Supreme Court held a '30 minute SKYPE session' with our A' Level Law students. The students were able to chat with Lord Briggs, from the comfort of their classroom! The students prepared 20 questions to ask Lord Briggs, which included "How do you believe an online court will benefit the English Legal System?, Have you ever lost sleep or felt guilty over a verdict you have delivered?, Do you find it difficult to separate yourself from your daily work?, How long did it take you to become a Justice of the Supreme Court?, If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring law student, what would it be? and Did you decide on a career in law with a sense of advocacy or morality? "

They gained a lot of valuable insight in to Lord Briggs' background and knowledge, and the student's felt the whole experience to be both enlightening and meaningful.  Lord Briggs also turned the tables and asked the student's questions at the end. The purpose of this session was for students to have an informal discussion with Lord Briggs about his career and his experiences.  It also provided students with the opportunity to speak to Lord Briggs and gain an insight into law and the workings of the Supreme Court. Both Lord Briggs and the Students really enjoyed this opportunity.

We are pleased to say that after this successful first session we will be working with the Supreme Court and this will be an ongoing seminar now for our future law students at different times throughout the new academic year.