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Ready to Learn

The Ready to Learn system is based on four key rules and students will be expected to follow the rules in every classroom.

1. Follow instructions promptly

2. Remain on task

3. Listen when others are speaking

4. Speak appropriately, with polite and respectful language


All students are given an ATL grade of 3 upon entering the classroom, which represents a satisfactory attitude to learning. If a student performs well in the lesson, the teacher will award a score of 4 or 5, which represents good or excellent performance, and this generates points within our reward system.

If a student breaks one of the RTL rules:

  • A verbal warning will be given by the teacher.

  • If disruptive behaviour continues, another warning will be given, and the teacher will mark the register to show a second warning has been given.

  • If a student continues to be disruptive, the student will be sent from the classroom to the Ready to Learn (RTL) room. The student will remain there for the rest of the period and also the next lesson (this will include break or lunch time). An after-College detention will be set for the following day from 3.15-4.15pm. If the student is sent to the RTL room during period 4, then the student will return to the RTL room for period 1 the next day and stay in the RTL room for break.

  • Students who refuse to go to the RTL room will receive a one-day Fixed Term Exclusion  

  • The student, together with parents/carers, will then need to attend a reintegration meeting before starting back to College.