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We believe that all our students have a right to learn without disruption and our teachers have the right to teach lessons without being interrupted. In order to protect valuable learning time and ensure students stay focused in the classroom, we have a strong approach to managing behaviour.

The College will:
● Reward students who demonstrate a positive attitude to learning.
● Ensure that students understand what behaviour is acceptable.
● Encourage students to take responsibility for their actions.
● Ensure staff are able to deliver purposeful and effective lessons.

We expect all members of our community to be PROUD, ENGAGED, READY, KIND and SAFE (PERKS). This includes when students may be out of school, but identifiable as a member of the HCC community. We believe that these encompass the key behaviours that allow students to be happy and successful, both in school and in later life.

Students will be awarded Praise Points for demonstrating the behaviours above. These points link to our rewards system – as students accumulate Praise Points, we will recognise this in a number of ways, including assemblies, contact with parents/carers, Student of the Week and our Awards’ Evening.

If students do not demonstrate the PERKS behaviours, they will be issued with a negative behaviour point. This may result in a sanction, as well as support to help the student understand what has gone wrong and how to avoid this in the future.

Within lessons, if a student is not engaged with the learning, staff will use a ‘Warn, Move, Remove’ approach, in order that other students are able to learn without disruption. Again, staff will work with the student concerned to support their behaviour for learning.

As well as behaving positively in and out of class, we expect students to arrive on time, be fully equipped and dress smartly in the correct uniform. Those who don’t meet these expectations will be given chances, but after 5 warnings they will receive a detention, i.e. 5 x shirt untucked = detention; 3 x late to class = detention etc.

For more information please see our Behaviour Policy on the College website.
Class Charts
Class Charts is an app we use to inform parents/carers when their child receives a praise point, a behaviour point or if they have been issued a detention. Class Charts enables you to monitor and track your child’s
behaviour (positive and negative) over time. Through the app you can also access your child(ren)’s timetable and homework. In September, we will provide you with a log in specific to your child(ren)’s account.