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Support for High Attaining Students

Helston Community College is committed to ensuring that high attaining students are recognised, supported, inspired and challenged, to ensure they maximise their potential and do not underachieve.  The College recognises the complex needs of exceptionally able students; their development is supported in the classroom through appropriate extension work and beyond the classroom through opportunities to participate in a range of challenges and enrichment activities.  Parents are encouraged to support students at home and inform the school of any concerns.

High attaining students are initially identified through their prior attainment, as indicated by their KS2 SAT scores in mathematics and reading and their KS2 Teacher Assessments in writing. The College also monitors current attainment data to identify students who are excelling in secondary school through the new opportunities that it provides. These students will have access to a range of extra-curricular opportunities during their time at Helston Community College, including events such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activity days, trips to Higher Education establishments and national challenges such as the Maths Challenge. Students will be invited to partici­pate in a range of educational visits, events and challenges across the full curriculum and will have the opportunity to meet and work with College alumni, PhD students and members of the local community.