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HCC Staff Directory


Success at College is achieved through strong relationships between students, parents/carers and teachers. If you have any issues which you would like to discuss, please contact Reception who will direct you to the most appropriate person. Most queries will be dealt with through:

  • Pastoral Champions (previously known as Pastoral Support Assistants), Tutors, Heads of Year and the Director of Key Stage 5
  • Heads of Faculty for academic or subject-specific issues
  • The Designated Safeguarding Lead for any safeguarding concerns


Please be aware, that in general, our staff will reply to emails during office hours. We will aim to respond to both emails and phone calls within 48 hours. Parents and carers are reminded to keep emails both factual and polite.


Position / Contact

Headteacher - Mr A Lingard - Ms S Phillips PA to Headteacher

All phone enquiries - North Site Reception 01326 572685

Attendance Manager - Mrs A Weir 01326 575016

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mr A Oates - 01326 572685

SENCO - Mr E McFadden - 01326 572685

Operational SENCO - Mrs C Bloor - 01326 572685

Year 7 Enquiries - 01326 572685

Accounts Department - 01326 575028

HCC Canteen Catering Team - 01326 572685

County Transport - 0300 1234 222

Free School Meals - 01872 324411


Heads of Faculty / Contact

English - Mrs P Renyard

Maths - Mrs J Hart

Science - Mr J Hitchcock

Humanities - Mr K Trevithick

Creative Arts - Mrs E Stevenson

Technology & Enterprise - Mrs L Hocking

PE - Miss K Treloar

Modern Foreign Languages - Mrs E Martin


Pastoral Support / Position

Head of Year 7 - Mr J Dudley

Head of Year 8 - Mr J Lovelock

Hear of Year 9 - Miss E Hawkey

Head of Year 10 - Mr T Richardson

Head of Year 11 - Mrs S Barnes

Director of Key Stage 5 - Mr D Gillman


Year 7 Pastoral Champion - Miss A Batchelor

Year 8 Pastoral Champion - Mrs J Marsh

Year 9 Pastoral Champion - Mrs A Dyer

Year 10 Pastoral Champion - Mrs L Cameron

Year 11 Pastoral Champion - Miss K Breasley

P16 Student Welfare Officer - Mrs N Williams


To contact staff via email, please use the following format:

First initial, then surname followed by @helston.tpacademytrust.org

So, the email address of Mr T Smith would be: tsmith@helston.tpacademytrust.org