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HCC Staff Directory

Position Member of Staff Telephone Email / web address
Headteacher's PA Ms S Phillips - sphillips@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Reception Mr C Martin 01326 572685 cmartin@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Attendance Office
Mrs S Soan
Mrs R Hancock
01326 575016 absence@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Safeguarding (DSL) Mr A Oates 01326 572685 aoates@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Year 7 Enquiries Ms A Cann 01326 572685 acann@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Year 7 Pastoral Support Mrs A Dyer 01326 572685 adyer@helston.cornwall.sch.uk 
Pastoral Support Assistants (Years 8-11)
Mrs S Soan Y8
Mrs S Asbridge  Y9
Mrs L Cameron Y10
Mrs J Marsh Y11
01326 572685
Pastoral Support Assistant (Post 16) Mrs N Williams 01326 575001 nwilliams@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Inclusion Manager To be appointed    
Accounts Department Mrs J Lynes 01326 575028 accounts@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Post 16 Administrator Mrs J Rowe  01326 575022 JRowe@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Canteen Catering Team  Mrs H Hearne 01326 572685 LScanteen@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
SENCO  Mr E McFadden 01326 572685  emcfadden@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Clerk to the governors  Mrs S Bayes -  clerk@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Heads of Faculty (for subject specific issues) Member of Staff Email address
Applied Learning Mr N Philpott nphilpott@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
English Mrs P Renyard prenyard@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Humanities (Geography, History, RE, French, Spanish) Mr K Trevithick ktrevithick@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Maths Mrs J Hart jhart@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Physical Education Miss K Treloar ktreloar@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Science Mr J Hitchcock jhitchcock@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Technology and Enterprise (D&T, Food, Computing & Business) Mrs L Hocking lhocking@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Creative Arts (Art, Music, Drama & Media) Mrs E Stevenson estevenson@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Other important contacts Email address
Raising Standards KS3 and SENCO - Mr E McFadden emcfadden@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Director of KS3 (Pastoral) - Mr T Richardson trichardson@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Raising Standards KS4 - Mr D Dudley ddudley@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Director of KS4 (Pastoral) - Mrs S Barnes sbarnes@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Director of Post 16 - Mr D Dudley ddudley@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Year 13 - Mr M Porter mporter@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Year 12 - Mr D Gillman dgillman@helston.cornwall.sch.uk
Careers - Mrs M Mugford