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Support for Service Families

Helston Community College is pleased to announce that the Ministry of Defence Armed Forces Families Fund and the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust will provide Helston Community College with a grant of £6,191 towards our Military Families Project. This project will include more coffee afternoons, 1: 1 support for service children and a dedicated space for mentoring.


Supporting the children of service families at Helston Community College

Service children have unique needs. Whether living in the UK or overseas, they face challenges that often go beyond the experience of the majority of families and children living in the UK. Increased school mobility and the cycle of deployment can bring social, emotional and academic challenges for those children with parents in the armed forces (Ofsted 2011).

Service children are those who have one or both parents currently serving in the armed forces. The Government also recognises that children may still need some support even after their parents have left the forces. In fact colleges can claim additional funding to support Service children for four years after their parents have left the armed forces.


At Helston Community College, Service children:

  • make up at least 19% of the college population
  • have outperformed their non-service peers in examination performance
  • have higher rates of attendance
  • and have better behavioural statistics compared to their non-service counterparts.


Of course, statistics do not represent every student's individual experience and belonging to a Service family does bring challenges which other children may not encounter. The college, therefore, offers support in a number of ways all of which are underpinned by our co-operative values. In addition to this, the college supports the role the armed forces play in our community and seeks to work with them in the wider education of all our students.



Children’s Naval Charity
The Charity was established in 1825 and has a good understanding of the pressures that our Naval Families may face.

Naval Children’s Charity can offer support to all who have served even if you only served for one day. They support anyone who has served in RN/ RM/ Veterans/ RFA and WRNS.

Naval Children’s charity can offer financial support to help with a huge range of needs, they can also signpost to other organisations, if it felt appropriate.

Over the last year they have given grants totalling more than £10 million and have helped over 4000 families.

One of their aims is to promote ‘Life Chances’ to Naval children. This can include support grants towards:

•       The cost of a school trip
•       Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.
•       School uniform
•       Energy Costs
•       Specialist disability equipment
•       Support for assessment of needs (including Dyslexia, ASD. To access this support, children do need to have been identified and referred for additional assessment)

The charity also supports a number of Children and Young adults to take part in Tall ships Voyages each year.

The above list is not extensive to the support they can offer. If you feel you have a need they best place to start is their website. https://www.navalchildrenscharity.org.uk/ there is an online enquire form, its simple and will often be responded to quickly.

You can also sign up for their newsletter on the site or follow them on social Media for update.

Helpful Links:

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  • This includes our Parental Absence Guide for adults supporting children and young people during absence and separation and a Recommended Reading List. It also links to Strengthening Families, an offer of support for all Royal Navy and Royal Marines families.


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