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Pupil Premium

Principles of Pupil Premium Funding

Our guiding principle is to direct the pupil premium funding towards initiatives that will have the greatest impact on achievement, based on research evidence.

We believe that it is important to allocate a significant proportion of our money into improving teaching and learning across the College. As the chart below shows, the effect good teaching has on a disadvantaged student improves progress significantly, and more so than for a non-disadvantaged student.

The use of data, on academic performance as well as possible barriers to learning such as attendance, reading age and attitude to learning, will also continue to steer the allocation of funding.

Targeted interventions and support are based on a needs analysis, which helps to identify priority classes, groups and individuals.

Curriculum Entitlement Statement:

We believe that every child should have the entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum that will create new and exciting opportunities and experiences. We know that wider cultural experiences can be the key to opening minds, inspiring creativity and generating aspiration. Many disadvantaged students rarely participate in life experiences beyond their immediate locality. At Helston Community College, we will endeavour to provide and encourage Pupil Premium students to participate in all aspects of the taught curriculum and extra-curricular activities, which will broaden their life experiences and enhance their cultural capital. This will be monitored through options choices and our trips and visits procedures.