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Christmas Jumper Day

16th December 2021



We will be holding our annual Christmas Jumper Day in aid of the charity Save the Children on Thursday 16 December 2021.
Students should wear their normal school uniform with the option of a Christmas jumper over the top. We recommend a voluntary donation of £1 per student.
Please do not go out and buy a new Christmas jumper. Improvising and making something from what you have at home is a far better idea and much more creative. For example, you could decorate a regular jumper with some Christmas decorations. 

These options are available to students:

  1. Christmas jumper - one that you currently own or a normal jumper with decorations added

  2. A Christmas hat, or adapt a hat with some baubles for example

  3. Christmas socks

Our students are always extremely charitable, so much better to donate money to the charity rather than purchase something new for this day.

This event will coincide with the last day of the autumn term.
Please note that prior to the Christmas break the Headteacher will be sending a letter to parents and carers detailing the arrangements for the students return in January 2022. Once this has been sent it will be published on the College website.
Compliments of the season.