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Cyber Explorers

5th April 2022

The world that we live in is becoming increasingly technology dependent.

Introducing Cyber Explorers, an initiative led by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) designed to engage 11-14 years olds in cyber security learning.

Coinciding with demands from the digital technology sector, Cyber Explorers presents an opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills required to safely navigate the modern online world and signpost students to further learning and careers in digital, cyber and wider technology.

Students will have access to stimulating, fun and inspirational content on a new interactive learning platform whilst they take a virtual voyage through Cyber City. They will start off by solving puzzles, quizzes and more challenges with the help of their own Cyber Ranger, before finally putting their new skills to good use and attempting to rescue Cyber City from Herbert the Hacker.

Ranging from a social media influencer, sports professional, entrepreneur, environmentalist to a healthcare worker, students will select one character to embark on their journey of adventures with. Along the way, they will earn badges and unlock characters from the Cyber Squad.

KS3 students who wish to join the lunchtime Cyber Explorers club please complete the sign up form.
Mrs Hocking
Head of Technology and Enterprise Faculty