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Year 11 results 2021

12th August 2021

Year 11 Examination results 2021

The cancellation of the formal summer examination season and disruption to learning due to national lockdowns did not halt the progress of Helston students, who have shown great determination to succeed in their GCSE and other Level 2 courses.

Mr Wayne Jenkins, the College’s Headteacher said, “We are incredibly proud of what our Year 11 students have achieved in such difficult circumstances. We gave them the opportunity to sit a series of examinations in May and they rose to the occasion. It was great to see so many smiles and excitement as students opened their results envelopes today. I am so pleased that we were able to reward them for their hard work with a Prom at Tregenna Castle in July (see attached photo).

“We have chosen not to publish an analysis of the GCSE data because it would take away from the fact that the grading system has been very different once again, and comparisons between schools would not be valid and reliable. Instead, our sole focus should be the students themselves, and to celebrate their hard work and success.”

Mrs Siobhan Barnes has led and supported this year group as they have progressed through the College. She commented “I would like to congratulate each and every student for the results gained from hard work and determination despite challenging circumstances. They should be really proud.” 

Particular congratulations go to the following students for their outstanding achievements at the very top of the grade range:

Alex Penberthy, Ella Marquis, Blake Frantz, Gwen Hutchins, Thomas Sharratt, Joshua Bretton, Oskar Szygenda, Zadie Giddens, Henry Pickering, Andrei Ciobanu and Meg Martin.

Also, the following students made superb progress across their full suite of qualifications, and deserve much praise for their efforts:

Katy Hosker, Sadie Shaw, George Grant, Elowen Hatfield, Tiffany Coulthard, Ivy Pilley, Maddie Fielder-Skewes, Josie Martin, Ellie Kemp, Kaya Forbes, Jude Bloor, Ollie Carter and Rebecca Henwood.

These lists could have been much longer based on strong performances across the year group.

We are looking forward to many of our Year 11 students continuing their studies at Helston Sixth Form. We also welcome students from other schools into our ambitious and supportive Post 16 community.

Prospective students who miss out on our coursing days should email Mrs Jane Rowe, our Sixth Form administrator – jrowe@helston.cornwall.sch.uk , so that a meeting can be set up to discuss course options.