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Year 11 Mock Interviews, Apprenticeship Expo, Revision Sessions

16th November 2022

Mock Interviews


Year 11 will have a fantastic opportunity to take part in mock interviews on 23 November. These will take place in North Site Hall and will run from 3.20pm until 5.30pm. Each student has been allocated a 15-minute slot. We are happy for students to leave site and then return for their interviews.

We understand some students may be concerned that they have mocks the next day, so in order to support them we are opening the MFL block as a quiet space to revise, and we will have some subject specialists there to help.

If there are any transport issues that may prevent your child from taking part, please email me (mmugford@helston.cornwall.sch.uk). We will, where possible, support with earlier times to allow for transport arrangements.

We understand that the timing of these is not ideal, however, the 32 businesses we have conducting the interviews would struggle to accommodate such a request in December or January, as these are some of the busiest in retail.  We would also like students to have a mock interview prior to completing their Further Education (FE) applications, which begin in January.

Apprenticeship Expo


In order to support Year 11 with their transition to Further Education, we will be hosting an apprenticeship expo event. This event will take place on 26 January 2023. Year 11 will have the opportunity to visit apprenticeship providers between 2pm - 3.15pm. There is also an opportunity for parents and carers to attend an evening session to meet apprenticeship providers. This evening session will take place in the 6th Form between 3.15pm and 5pm.


Revision Support


On 23 January we have invited Dr Martjin van der Spoel, a chartered psychologist and director of Glia Learning to host a revision techniques session for Year 11. Dr Martjin van der Spoel has visited many schools around the UK and the globe. He is an inspirational speaker and delivers high quality revision and memory technique sessions. This session will give an inspirational set of techniques which can be used for revision. We will also be hosting a parent session in the evening. There will be more details to follow regarding this.