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Ready Steady Cook!

7th April 2022

On Thursday 31 March serving members of the Royal Navy Catering Services Branch spent the day working with our two year 10 Food Science and Nutrition classes. 

Each class took part in a two hour Ready Steady Cook (An interactive Master Chef style lesson) in which the class was divided into equal teams of 5 and presented with a box of ingredients for two dishes. The aim was to create the two x dishes (Main & Dessert) within the time frame. Using the methods provided to them the class will had 90 min to complete their dishes before presenting them to the judges team. This was a great activity to exercise student’s initiative, teamwork, communication and time keeping skills and proved extremely popular. All ingredients were provided by the RN team and students were encourage a ‘clean as you go’ throughout the session to enable the classroom to remain safe and tidy. 

Each morning session, plus an additional Year 11 afternoon talk, included a presentation explaining the roles of the Catering Service Branch, career opportunities, service life, educational gains, sporting and social opportunities and a general oversight into the career of Royal Navy personnel.


Helston Community College is intrinsically linked with the services, through our staff, serving parents and by maintaining close military links with all arms of the forces to support students who wish to enlist both at entry and officer level. 


The Royal Navy team have since emailed me stating:  

“We were very impressed with the attitude of all the students and their interaction during the practical exercise, the cooking was at  a good standard and tasted really nice.

I was especially impressed with the two 6 formers that we had in the class in the morning sessions, they showed good leadership skills and all the students showed very good team working skills which was really good to see.

Again thank you for inviting us and welcoming us to your school and we hope the students enjoyed it too.”



Session 1: Seth and Xander their delicious burger and chips unanimously impressing the judges. 

Session 2: Sam A, Danny, Jason and Toby whose sticky toffee pudding and sauce wowed the judges. 


Well done to all students who took part in the sessions it was brilliant to see students enjoying the challenge and smell the wonderfully prepared food. 


Mrs L Hocking 

Head of Technology and Enterprise Faculty