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Post 16 Introductory lessons

28th May 2021

Post 16 Introductory lessons

We are keen to help students make the best start possible to their Post 16 lessons by offering a series of introductory lessons to help them prepare for their Post 16 courses. This programme is open to all of our current Year 11 students, including those who have chosen to pursue similar courses elsewhere. Our Post 16 subject leaders have provided a brief outline (attached) of what topics they will cover after the May half term.

In order to help us prepare for this introductory programme, we require students or parents/carers to complete a short Google form. We hope that most students will take advantage of this offer as it will place them in a much stronger position for the start of their Post 16 courses in September. For each course there will be a carefully planned series of connected lessons, and we expect students to attend all of the lessons for each subject they sign up to. The programme also provides an opportunity for students who are undecided about their courses to sample them for a number of lessons before making their final choices, something no student has had the opportunity to do in past. If students wish to change their Post 16 course choices at any point during or after the programme they would be welcome to do so.

During the programme students will not need to wear uniform, and would be welcome to study or socialise in the Post 16 centre. If they do not have a timetabled lesson they would not need to remain on site.

Please sign up to our Post 16 Introductory Programme by Friday 28th May by completing the short Google form located here –  https://tinyurl.com/y2kkfexf

For any Questions please contact Mr Dudley at ddudley@Helston.cornwall.sch.uk