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Student Progress Data

17th March 2020

This year, as part of the College’s plans to improve communication with parents and carers, we are introducing a new system of sending out termly student progress data and annual reports via email and the MyEd app.  This process will use the College’s existing text and email messaging system for contacting parents and carers; in a change to our previous use of this system, all such contact will now be made with any parent or carer who is recorded as having Parental Responsibility and who has contact details recorded on our College system. 


Parents and carers who have Parental Responsibility and who have supplied an email address will receive termly progress summaries and annual reports in pdf format by email.  Parents and carers who have Parental Responsibility can also opt to sign up to the MyEd app to view these documents via the Reports section of the app, which also provides useful information such as key dates and website links. 


To ensure that you can receive termly and annual reports electronically, we would like to verify the email addresses we have on record. As such, letters have been distributed which ask you to confirm contact details.


This year, the College has also signed up to the Green Charter and, as part of our drive to adopt sustainable practices, we are aiming to reduce the quantity of paper copies of student reports produced.  If you have not already done so, we hope that you can support us to achieve this goal by providing us with your email address.  If we do not have a record of your email address we will still provide papers copies of reports; where possible these will be sent home via your child, and we will alert you to this by text message.