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Winter Cyber Choices Challenge 2023

22nd November 2023

What is Cyber Choices?

Those with a real interest in how tech works could have a bright future ahead. Skills in coding, gaming, cyber security or anything digital-related, are in high demand, not just in the UK but also abroad which means that young people may have an opportunity to travel to interesting places whilst learning new cyber skills.

Unfortunately, the digital world can also be tempting for young people for the wrong reasons. Many are getting involved in cyber crime without realising that they are breaking the law. This can have serious consequences for someone’s broader future and not just their career. 

Cyber Choices: Sliding Doors https://youtu.be/95DX_deVlM8



Make no mistake, cyber crime is a serious criminal offence. Anyone (including young people) who commits cyber crime could face:

  •          A visit and warning from police or NCA officers
  •          Computers being seized and being prevented from accessing the internet
  •          Being arrested
  •          A penalty or fine
  •          A permanent criminal record
  •          Seriously affected education and future career prospects
  •          Restrictions on overseas travel
  •          Up to life in prison for the most serious offences

So, if you want to increase your knowledge of cyber laws within the UK, make sure you're fully aware of the Computer Misuse Act

Don't Cross the Line to Cyber Crime https://youtu.be/7WxT1UA5E-E



The Winter Cyber Choices Challenge 2023 comprises four weeks throughout which, a new set of 10 questions will be published weekly from the competition start date, Monday 20 November 2023, until competition close date, Sunday 17 December 2023.

Scores will be displayed on one static leaderboard, updated regularly. You must register to play each week. You can repeat each question set as many times as you like in order to improve your score. Your highest score will be carried over.

The Winter Cyber Choices Challenge 2023 can be accessed via Welcome - Cyber Games UK cybergamesuk.com and www.cybersecuritychallenge.org.uk

Correspondence regarding competition answers will not be entered into.


Competition rules and eligibility

The eligibility rules below must be accepted in order for you to register for, and participate in, the Winter Cyber Choices Challenge 2023:


You must be aged 11-18 and resident in the UK to be eligible to win in each weekly prize draw and the grand prize for top scores achieved overall during the live competition period. Prizes will be delivered by post or online to winners, and prize distribution will be fully coordinated by Cyber Security Challenge UK.


Prize pool 

Grand prize – Top score* –Tech gadget to the value of 150.00 for the individual winner, plus an online learning experience for the winner’s class delivered by Immersive Labs (online or in person depending on location)

Two runners up (UK based) – 2nd and 3rd place on the leaderboard upon competition close – Tech gadget

Weekly prize draw – Top score* – Prizes up for grabs include Rocketbook Core x2, Chipofy USB-C cable x2, Original Tamagotchi x2, Kodak M35 25mm film camera x2

Lucky dip prizes – All those who demonstrate weekly commitment to participate will be entered into a lucky dip after the competition has ended, regardless of scores achieved – £50 Amazon voucher

Lucky dip prizes – All those who answer the question set displayed upon completing a weekly quiz will be entered into a lucky dip after the competition has ended, regardless of scores achieved – ElevationLab Anchor Pro under desk headphone hook

*If more than one player achieves the same top score, a random draw will take place to select one overall winner


Prize awards

Prize winners will be notified by email (supplied by the competition entrant). Winners must respond within 72 hours of the notifying email to secure the prize. Failure to respond within the timeframe given will cause the prize to be returned to the prize pool and redrawn. No further correspondence will be entered into.


For parents, guardians and Carers

Many young people are curious and want to explore how technology works, what vulnerabilities it has and how it interacts with other technologies. This can include learning to code or experimenting with tools discovered online.

These are great skills to have and the cyber security industry needs more people with them. Those with a real interest in how tech works could have a bright future ahead. Skills in coding, gaming, cyber security or anything digital-related, are in high demand. The average salary in the UK is £29,800 whereas in the tech industry, the average is £65,000. Specialised tech roles are particularly in demand and the average for those salaries can be tens of thousands higher!

However, some young people make poor choices and use such skills illegally, without realising they're committing a crime. The average age of someone convicted for cyber crime offences is much younger than other crime types; offenders are often teenagers.

It’s important for us to understand why more young people are becoming involved in cyber crime. This enables us to ensure that proper deterrents and alternative opportunities are available to them, so that they can enhance their skills and use them positively.

Teenage cybercrime: Help your child make the right #CyberChoices https://youtu.be/DjYrxzSe3DU


Good Luck!

Mrs Hocking