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Faraday STEM Trip to Hayle Academy

15th January 2020

On Wednesday 15th January, six, year eight students from Helston community college attended the annual Faraday Challenge at Hayle Academy. This highly regarded engineering challenge is organised every year by ‘The Institute of Engineering and Technology’. It is always sponsored by a major company who develop the theme of the challenge and provide support and prizes. This year the challenge was sponsored by ‘Airbus’, an international pioneer in the aerospace sector. The challenge is designed specifically for year eight students and the six who were taken from Helston were excellent candidates because they were very creative, great team workers and hard working. Ashley, Zach, Mya, Mia, Amy and Jack were the lucky students given the opportunity to represent the school and they were fantastic ambassadors throughout the trip.


The challenge, this year, was to design a product that could be deployed in a disaster zone to help people. The product needed to contain an electrical circuit but apart from that the brief was very open ended and allowed the teams to be very creative. None of the teams were allowed any support from their teachers and as such the work was entirely produced by the students. Helston designed a drone which could deliver aid and resources too hard to reach places or to areas with serious infections. The judges were really impressed with their team work and knowledge of electrical circuits. Although the team from Helston didn’t win they made an excellent product, presented it very well and worked extremely hard. The students were really grateful to Mr Tatham from the Faculty of Technology and Enterprise for organising this fantastic opportunity.