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The National Cyber Security Centre

6th March 2024

Exciting news alert! 
Helston is set to host the very first Cyber Investigators event in Cornwall, thanks to GCHQ! 
Happening on Monday 11 March, 2024, at Helston Community College, this event is all about diving into the world of cyber security and showing us why it's such a big deal in our daily lives.
In today's mega-digital world, cyber security is super important for keeping things like music streaming and online banking safe and sound. The National Cyber Security Centre (part of GCHQ) is a programme on a mission to make cyber security understandable and fun for all. 
Picture this: 10 Year 8/9 students from Helston and 10 from each of the four other local secondary schools will become cyber sleuths for the day. They'll be working for a pretend app company, Sirius Cyberworks, to solve a network breach mystery involving a leaked flagship app.
They'll get hands-on experience, crack codes, and solve puzzles while learning essential cyber skills. 
Plus, there'll be cool talks from industry pros and inspiring guest speakers to top it all off. 
When? Monday 11 March 2024