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Nuclear Imaging Physics 2019

11th March 2019

Pharmacy and Nuclear Imaging presentation captivates sixth form students.

 On Wednesday 5 March, Rachel Bettens and Peter Stratton came from the Pharmacy and Nuclear Imaging departments of Treliske Hospital to Helston Community College. They gave 2 75 minute captivating presentations to A-level Physics and Chemistry students. Rachel was had succeeded in gaining the permission of GE Healthcare to bring their demonstration model of a Technetium generator in to the college. The students were fascinated to learn from Rachel how the Technetium generator is used 5 days a week in Treliske to create a gamma emitting isotope that is ideal for use as a tracer in medical imaging. They generator is on the Physics specification but it is most likely that our students are the only students in the country to see the real thing. It looks like nothing more than a blue flask but weighs over 15kg due to 100mm lead shielding inside to protect pharmacists when using it. Students were also fascinated by Peter's description of medical imaging which included a description of the new generation of functional imaging that combines the use of radioisotope imaging with CT scans.

Many thanks to Mr Bispham for organising the event.

Image on the left of the page. Rachel Bettens demonstrates the Technetium generator to sixth form science students. Peter Stratton from Nuclear Imaging looks on.

Image on the right of the page. One of the many applications of medical imaging shown to our students by Peter Stratton. This is a still from an amazing video of a heart beating.