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CyberCenturion Competition

19th September 2023


CyberCenturion is a national cyber education initiative for 12–18-year-olds in the UK and UK overseas territories. The program is designed to excite, educate and motivate students to pursue further education and careers in STEM and cybersecurity, which helps to build a diverse talent pool to supply the UK’s workforce needs.

Its objective is to deliver an inspirational competitive education experience, which provides: 

  • practical learning about cyber in the real world 
  • development of technical and employability skills that are useful in any industry 
  • motivation to pursue Cyber/STEM subjects and careers 

Teams participate in a series of virtual competition rounds against one another and the clock and are tasked with securing a range of computer systems.

How can you take part?

The competition is played by teams of between two and four and must have one responsible adult over 18 (Team Leader), who is the contact between the team and STEM Learning.

There are two age categories: junior (Y7 – Y9) and senior (Y10 – Y13)

Both age categories also include the following streams to encourage diversity and inclusion: 

  • all boys team 
  • all girls team 
  • mixed gender team

The preliminary rounds of competition typically run from October to January each year, with the national final held before the end of each academic year. Teams are encouraged to sign up as early as possible for the chance to participate in preliminary, non-competitive rounds prior to the competition kicking off.


Practice & competition

25 September - 15 October 2023

Competition round 1

19 October – 23 October 2023

Competition round 2

7 December – 11 December 2023

National Final

Spring 2024


Sign up by completing the Google Form https://forms.gle/wmTN8ZGUftNC3xcV7?authuser=0 or speak to Mrs Hocking


CyberCenturion is brought to the UK by Northrop Grumman. [https://www.northropgrumman.com/who-we-are/global-presence/northrop-grumman-in-europe/northrop-grumman-in-the-uk/]