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Year 11 Student makes the most of his lockdown

20th April 2020

Alex Williams has spent many hours designing and perfecting this stunning piece of furniture. He has a passion for design technology and has loved his GCSE course over the past 2 years. This is not the first of Alex’s stunning pieces. He recently completed a table with a glass-look insert for his GCSE final assignment. He should be so proud of his achievements. I hope there are many more beautiful projects to come from him in the future.

Alex is a role model to us all on how to use the extra time which lock-down has given us. This is a fantastic opportunity to pick up new hobbies, develop improved habits and for those who have finished their A’level and GCSE courses to make a good start on future study projects. Time spent now will pay off in the long term when life resumes and becomes hectic.

Another of our other Year 11 students has been working hard on his Art. Pictured above is Rhys Purcell's latest piece entitles 'stretcher'.